Arizona Guided Hunts and Game Bird Farm

 At Arizona Guided Hunts, we take pride in providing you with the best possible hunting experience.   

Here is what our clients are saying about Arizona Guided Hunts:

“Dave and his pointers are bird hunting machines!
I have hunted with Dave for several seasons now and for all three species of quail and I have never been disappointed even in the so called "lean years." Dave and the pointers have always produced and give their all.

 "I have also hunted, with Dave's guiding,  javelina with my bow. Never disappointed and always put on game."

 I have also hunted with Dave's wife, Cherie. She puts Dave to shame when it comes to shooting Dove. I think she taught Dave all he knows!”

Bill in New Jersey

From David in PA:

Outstanding!   This was THE best quail hunting that I have ever experienced, not just the number of birds, but the professionalism and knowledge that Dave has guiding you!   Each species will challenge you from Gamble, Mearns and Scale quail not only with changing terrain, but also your shooting ability!   An Amazing Experience!   One that I will cherish, always, each time I admire my mounted birds!   I can’t wait to hunt with Dave again!”

From Boyd