Arizona Guided Hunts and Game Bird Farm

Welcome to Arizona Guided Hunts & Game Bird Farm

Owned & Operated by David Hackman.

The Game Bird Farm

I have owned and operated the game bird farm in Arizona since 1990. I began raising Northern Bobwhite Quail and Chukars for training purposes with my dogs and a few friends. I now incubate approximately 10,000 eggs yearly, which produce Northern Bobwhite quail and Chukars.  Additionally,  I trap pigeons around the city of Tucson and keep them on hand for training purposes.

The above mentioned birds are for sale for training dogs, field trials and private hunts, pricing is as follows:

Northern Bobwhite



Northen Bobwhite - $6.00 each

Chukar - $12.00 each

Pigeon - $3.00 each